Specializing in water infrastructure upgrades, replacement to smart meter technologies, leak detection and preparing municipalities for strategic infrastructure optimization.

Our process provides your system with all new equipment with out impacting existing budgets utilizing the performance contracting method for utility savings

Performance Guarantee

Projects are turnkey creating faster financial returns, all projects have accuracy guarantees.

Self- Funding Projects

We know city budgets are sensitive, our specialized audit process provides new revenue captures and energy savings, that in turn fund the project scope.

Leak Detection and Infrastructure preservation

Billions of gallons of water losses to leaks each year.  Our system prevents water waste and unaccounted consumption.

Leak Detection

Real time analytics show leaks and enable immediate contact for commercial and residential meters.


We value people and travel to your city to engage face to face.  Contact us to arrange a meeting or to get more information about our guaranteed process.

email: info@skgiotservices.com